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Patented Stinger technology. Exotic hardwoods. Two models (Pro & All-in-One). Two quick release joints. 20 years of product evolution. Happiness guarantee.

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Appearance is the same for both models. Suggested Retail is $550.

Direct to player pricing is now as low as $349. FREE USA shipping. Thirty day No Questions Asked return policy.

Call 614-975-8337 with questions or to purchase directly.

Try one yourself and see why the best players won’t part with their Stinger.


A Review of the All-in-One Stinger by Inside Pool Magazine, December 2006.

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Tom Simpson
teaching the break and the two major jumping techniques!

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instructional article – breaking

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instructional article – dart jumping

………… Learn Pendulum Jumping …………


instructional article – pendulum jumping


Some background on the Stinger…

National Billiard Academy is responsible for sales, marketing, and distribution of the Stinger product line. The Stinger is manufactured 100% in the USA by master cuemaker Jerry Powers of Jerico Cues. It is the end product of a 20-year development effort by Jerry. After suffering a rotator cuff injury, Jerry was concerned that he would no longer be able to break as effectively as the other pros. He set out to develop a jumpbreak cue that would allow the highest level of precision play, produce spectacular results, and not require the maximum power hits most pros have come to rely upon. He succeeded.

Both Stinger models feature two quick-release joints, and come in your choice of 4 beautiful, exotic hardwoods: Bocote (wild grain, light golden brown with a yellowish cast), Cocobolo(nice grain, rich brown color with reddish/orange grain highlights), Purpleheart (actually a fine-grained purple wood), and Ebony (black with occasional grain features). The Stinger is built solidly, using the old-style, labor-intensive splice techniques. Call or email for more details.

The secrets behind the incredible performance of the Stinger:

1. The patented tip/ferrule technology. The Stinger employs Jerico’s patented tip/ferrule system (US Patent #5462490). This is the only cue available with this technology. With this approach, the tip is not flat on the bottom, like traditional tips. Instead, it features a “stinger” that projects downward through a hole in the center of the ferrule (picture a thumbtack). On impact, the shock of the hit goes to the center of the tip, and then down the stinger, transmitting the impact directly to the center of the shaft, rather than into the ferrule. This results in a very efficient, very precise hit. More swing energy is converted to hitting power, so you don’t have to hit as hard to get power. If you don’t have to hit as hard, you’ll get greater accuracy on your break or jump hit.

2. The tip material we used for The Stinger is unique. It was developed specifically for this purpose, and is in use only on Stingers. This proprietary material is the only high-performance tip material that truly meets the BCA’s specification for jump/break tips. Some other popular jumpbreak cues, such as the Sledgehammer, feature a one-piece tip/ferrule. This does not produce as accurate a hit as the Stinger’s patented tip/ferrule system, which runs the shock down the center of the shaft. The Pro Stinger’s tip/ferrule is guaranteed for life by Jerico Cues. The tip for the All-in-One will eventually need to be replaced. We offer that service or can provide you with a tip to be installed by your cue mechanic.

3. The enormous “sweet spot”. Because the Stinger technology takes the hit energy to the center of the shaft regardless of where you hit the tip, our tip can be much flatter than typical break cues. The flatter profile causes the Stinger tip to have a huge “sweet spot”. You can miss-hit by quite a bit and still get the result you intended. Without the Stinger technology, a flatter tip allows mis-hits, but the results are not accurate.

With the extraordinary whiteness of the wood and the fact that it stays clean and bright, many players have wondered whether the Stinger might have a fiberglass coating. It does not. Jerry invented a sealant for his cues that protects and seals the wood to a depth of about a millimeter over the entire cue. Your Stinger will retain its original beauty indefinitely. The finish is fully guaranteed for the first year.

Our guarantee: Bang on it for 30 days. If you don’t feel the Stinger is absolutely the best jumpbreak you’ve ever used, return it for a full refund.

Phone 614-975-8337 or email for pricing, ordering, or demo information. Dealer inquiries welcome.


The Stinger is the #1 ranked USA made break cue!

Results of Break Cue Speed Tests by Platinum Billiards click here


The BCAPL (BCA Pool League) is no longer allowing phenolic tips in BCA league play. In preparation for this possibility, we have been developing and testing leather formulations for several years. Our “Godzilla leather” tip is now available on Stinger cues. It meets the BCA requirements, and jumps & breaks better than any other leather we’ve tested. It works nearly as well as our phenolic formulation. Stingers may now be ordered with either tip, or ship us your Stinger shaft and we’ll change the tip for $45, including return shipping.


The All-in-One model Stinger has been officially approved for use in the APA (American Poolplayer Association league). It is approved for use as a playing cue and as a break cue. Players may also shoot jump shots with the All-in-One Stinger. Fortunately, the full-length All-in-One cue jumps better than “normal” playing cues, as in APA it is illegal to break down to the short length. Good news for APA players. One cue does everything, and it’s legal!


After 5 years of rave reviews of the Stinger, we’ve found a way to raise its performance to yet another level. Through an extension of our proprietary patented Stinger tip/ferrule technology, we have raised the bar again. All 2008 Stingers feature this upgrade. Look for an SS symbol on the shaft along with the Stinger logo. Pricing is unchanged.


Revolutionary new Stinger model now shipping! The original Stinger jumpbreak is now the Pro Stinger model (still the world’s greatest jumpbreak cue). The new model is the All-in-One Stinger. The All-in-One is the world’s first truly excellent all-around cue. Ideal for players who don’t want to purchase an single-purpose jumpbreak-only cue. The All-in-One does everything you’ll ever need: Playing Cue, Break Cue, Full-Cue Jump, Jump Cue, Masse Cue, and Short Cue – and does everything shockingly well.

Pros using the Stinger include:

Mike Massey

“What do you have in this thing? I’m making impossible shots!” – Mike 4/7/2005

Kid Delicious

“I started using it at the 2005 Derby City Classic, and it’s a phenomenal jump cue.”
– Kid, Inside Pool Magazine, April 2005

Tony Robles

“I love the fact that I can jump over a ball with the whole cue.” – Tony 7/11/2005

Jennifer Barretta

“I used to have a Predator BK. I love the way the Stinger breaks, but I really love how easily the jump cue works. I also like how much lighter my case is with one less cue in it.” – Jennifer, AZBilliards Forum, 4/20/2005

“This jump cue is like cheating!” – Jennifer 6/21/2005

Ronnie Wiseman

“Everybody knows I can’t jump a ball. Now they’re wrong.” – Ronnie 3/19/2005

Chris Lynch

“The Stinger Jump/Break should come in a box that says {For ages 4 and up} because that is how easy it is to use. It is such a great jump cue that I have to question my knowledge of physics since I just can’t understand how it allows me to jump so easily. I’m pocketing more balls on the break and it’s tougher for an opponent to play me safe. By far the best jump/break cue I’ve ever had.” – Chris 7/8/2005 (UPA Touring Pro, House Pro – Amsterdam Billiards, NYC)

Grady “The Professor” Mathews

“I need a really good break/jump cue for the IPT. I’ve found it in the Stinger. It gives me maximum velocity on the break and accuracy on jump shots. I can’t wait to try this new product in the heat of battle.” – Grady 3/8/2006

Bill Meima
(2004 World Jumpshot Champion)

Buddy Hall

Randy Whitehead

“Everyone looks for an advantage. This cue is it. The break is so important and this cue allows great control as well as an added power I’ve never found in any other cue. But that’s just half of the equation; use the quick release and now anybody – and I do mean anybody – can jump out of trouble. I encourage everyone to give it a try. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.” – Randy 7/7/2005 (UPA Touring Pro)

Ewa Laurence

“I love it. It’s great. Really. I’m breaking much better and the jump cue is out of this world” – Ewa 11/9/07 (Hall of Fame Player)

Lynette Horsburgh
“I screamed with delight when my Stinger came through the post – and it hasn’t disappointed. Not only does it give me a break – which was pathetic pre-Stinger –  but it’s beautiful to look at too! I absolutely love it! ” – Lynette 8/9/2005 (World ranked #1 Ladies Snooker Champion, European 8-Ball Pool Champion)

Randy Goettlicher

“Every time I pull the Stinger out of my case, all the cueballs in the vicinity start quivering.” – Randy 11/22/2004 (BCA Master Instructor, National Champion)

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