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Meet the National Billiard Academy Team

TOM SIMPSON (1951 - 2016)
TOM SIMPSON (1951 - 2016)Founder
Tom Simpson was renowned in the billiard world. His multiple achievements, accreditations, and contributions provided a strong foundation for the Nat’l Billiard Academy. Tom was a:
~ PBIA Master Instructor* and Member of the Instructor Committee (*there are less than 20 Master Instructors worldwide)
~ ACS Level 4 Instructor/Coach (top level – internationally recognized)
~ Secret Aiming Systems™ Coach (THE designated successor to Hal Houle, inventor of many of the Aiming Systems)
~ Professor: Billiard University
~ Certified PAT™ Examiner (the Playing Ability Test)
~ Founder: Elephant Balls, Ltd.
~ Inventor: Elephant Practice Balls® and Beautiful Balls® (used on ESPN)
~ Inventor: The Stroke Groover®
~ Developer: Ghostball Aim Trainer®
~ Instructional Columnist: Inside Pool, Professor Q-Ball, Inside English, Stroke Magazine, Sneaky Pete Mafia, Cue Times
~ Technical Editor: Inside Pool Magazine
~ Chairman: ACS Instructor Committee
~First Billiards Instructor selected to teach on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines


In addition to having been Toms wife and billiard partner for many years, Candace also has a solid foundation in pool. Having been a longtime player, she continues perfecting her game, is an instructor, and a billiard ambassador. She collaborated with Tom in the 3-Day Intensives and continues to have an active part in the clinics. Overseeing the Academy, she works with the teaching faculty. “Tom developed an incredible 3 Day Clinic. Pool is a fantastic sport, and pool players deserve the same opportunities to advance as other athletes.”

JAMES HESTERPBIA Certified Advanced Instructor
National Senior Referee
EDDIE ISREALPBIA Certified Instructor
Nick NordinInstructor
Steve RaburnInstructor
Pat Logan, Associate Instructor
Bill Cleary, Associate Instructor
Mark McKelley, Associate Instructor
Kevin Pickering, Associate Instructor