Tom Simpson founded the National Billiard Academy. He is also the inventor of Elephant Practice Balls, Ghostball Aim Trainer products, and the Stroke Groover.


Tom Simpson was the inventor of multiple pool products and wrote hundreds of billiard articles and publications. The National Billiard Academy is the only school authorized to teach the specialized Aiming Systems of Hal Houle. Several thousand players have been trained and over 200 new instructors produced since 1995 through the National Billiard Academy.
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Clinics offered in multiple locations & cities. Designed for ALL skill levels. Get Better SKILLS, Better CONTROL, Better AIMING. ........ #GetCONSISTENT#Get UNstuck..................... Take YOUR game to THE NEXT LEVEL


Most players are stuck at some level because their fundamentals are not strong enough to allow them to progress. The NBA is dedicated to developing & maintaining a solid foundation of good fundamentals. Over 25 years of helping players play waaayy better!
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Select products, we've tested and proven, to maximize your training and practice time, enhance your knowledge, and excel your performance. Raise YOUR game


Student Testimonials

“Hello Karen, Eddie & Keith – Just wanted to drop a line of appreciation for the pool clinic. I’ve been shooting lights out. The missing peace I was looking for, I found in the Academy! It was finding and getting on THE LINE, being a key taking along with many other things. 1. Visualize the shoot, the set and pause plus many other good nuggets. I will be on the lookout for the September date in Jacksonville to return and continue to fine tune. Thanks for being a group of professionals, worth the investment for sure. I saw me ROI ( return on my investment right way). See you in September.”

“Thoroughly impressed, satisfied, and jazzed for tomorrow!”

“Love it, I feel better already”

“Pace is good for all skill levels. Instructors are very approachable and the video analysis is particularly helpful.”

“I’ve played pool all my life and I thought I knew the game well; but after going to the pool clinic I was very happy with what I got out of it. The instructor was great and very helpful, so I’m going to take the advanced class also. Thanks”

“Excited to practice what I have learned and am glad I took the class. I have a good foundation to use for continuing to learn and become a better player.”

“Individual instruction was positive with all instructors. I mean the put forth positive comments rather than negative comments to gain corrective action.”

Intensive Pool Clinic

Pool Lessons & Billiard Lessons – The Intensive is our “boot camp” for billiard players of every level. After 25 years of refinement, we feel this is the best pool player training program available. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing. This is the true – and often surprising – billiards foundation every player needs, taught by highly experienced, full–time pool instructors.

We identify & correct your form flaws. We all have some, we’re typically not aware of them, and they are what’s holding us back. To play better pool, you need a simple, precise, consistent setup and stroke that works with your body. You need clear, physics-correct understanding of ball behavior, and practical methods for finding perfect aim.

You want to enjoy the game more, and play with dignity. We promise this, and more, will happen for you.

Visit our YouTube Channel to hear more about the Intensive Pool Clinic, events, and other helpful tips!

National Billiard Academy by the Numbers

Helping players play WAAAYY better!
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Attended the Intensive Pool Clinic and improved their game

Certified by the NBA

About The National Billiard Academy

Tom Simpson founded the National Billiard Academy (accredited by the PBIA since 2004).

With more than 100 years combined pool playing and over 25 years teaching, National Billiard Academy is THE premier, accredited pool school.

The NBA has trained over 3,500 pool players and certified over 200 instructors. Our pool school offers billiard lessons for every skill level.

We’ve been evolving and refining the National Billiard Academy Intensive Pool Clinic for over 25 years now. It’s the real deal. Your pool school experience will give you the tools, skills, and knowledge to break you through whatever is holding you back.

You’re welcome to check out more Comments from Players here at the website.

Tom was the founder of Elephant Balls, Ltd., and invented the Elephant Practice Balls and Ghostball Aim Trainer products, used worldwide since 1994. Tom’s training aid, the Stroke Groover, was tested extensively in pool school. See a video of this terrific product in action.

Beat People With a Stick! is Tom’s book of 129 instructional columns, presenting 20 years of Tom’s best work. The lesson book offers clear instruction & key insights for every player. Click for more info.

We are the exclusive distributor for the original Jerico Stinger Cues. The Pro Stinger is the world’s best jumpbreak cue. These cues are endorsed by seven PBIA Master Instructors, and are being used by top pros.  Try one for 30 days. You’ll be astonished! Click for more info.

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