Real Reviews

“There has never been a more impactful, informative training session than this in regards to the game for me. It truly did change my game mindset from “if I PLAY enough, I’ll get better” to “if I KNOW enough I’ll get better”. Thanks for all you do and I will be coming back for more.”

Shawn S., February 2022

“My impression of pool school: It left me with a feeling of belonging to an elite group. A group of billiard / pool players who’s sighting system is synonymous with success.”

Skip Freysinger, Atlanta Clinic, February 2017
May, 2021, was my third time for attending National Billiard Academy at Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA.
I learn something new each year at pool school and increasingly appreciate the instructors and other students.
This year I brought back more skill with fundamentals, really absorbing the National Billiard Academy stroke system and determined to master the stop and stun shot. I won my first APA 8-Ball match of the new season since returning from NBA.
Also the Q-Master Billiards venue is exceptional. The tables and clean, washed balls are in excellent condition. I highly recommend National Billiard Academy!
WildFire!, May 2021

“I was hesitant at first about spending money to do this, but after this weekend of learning and taking things back to the basics this course has definitely opened doors to the game of pool more than I could ever learn without attending. I would recommend this clinic to anyone no matter the skill level.”

Nick Silcox, Player, Aiken clinic September 2022

“I recently completed the National Billiard Academy’s Intensive pool clinic. It was a two day tour
de force by a well trained, committed, knowledgeable group of guys and gals.
From the minute I walked in to 9-ball Heaven Grill and Billiard Room (Many thanks to
our hosts…the venue was great, as was the food!), I was impressed with the obvious
professionalism of the NBA team. I couldn’t wait to get started with the journey to take my
game to the next level. I was not disappointed.
While I have attended other pool clinics in the past, it was clear that the NBA clinic was
definitely a cut above. From the use of personalized video analysis, to a laser precision setup
on the “TV table”, to personalized instruction, I definitely got my money’s worth. You will too.
If you are like me, and want to improve your pool game with sound fundamentals, solid,
proven techniques (I can’t say enough good things about SPFF!), as well as advanced billiard
concepts, then the NBA’s two day intensive pool clinic is a great place to start.”

Stan Martin, player, Jacksonville clinic November 2021

“If you want to take the next step to really improve your fundamentals and your overall game, this is the pool school for you hands down!”

Chris R, August 2020
Jerry Ruehle, RALEIGH CLINIC January 2019- Local APA Player - Playing 35 Years

“I really enjoyed this class and had a great time. The staff were very professional and knowledgeable about the game. The instructors made learning fun and they truly inspired me to work on my fundamentals to be a better player. I will be going through this class again, well. A special thank you to Keith, Eddie and Mike, you all were great. Shout out to Players Place who hosted this class; thank you for being attentive and serving us all.”

Rhonda R, May 2022