Real Reviews

” I learned what it would take to correct my bad habits and this should improve my game”
Dennis G., Atlanta Pool Clinic, February 2017

“My impression of pool school: It left me with a feeling of belonging to an elite group. A group of billiard / pool players who’s sighting system is synonymous with success.”

Skip Freysinger, Atlanta Clinic, February 2017
“Tom, you ought to be in jail. It is absolutely criminal to know these aiming systems.”
Doug Berekvam, Player, LaCrosse WI, May 2016
“Thanks for your support, teaching and encouragement. Little did I ever figure in my first visit to pool school 18 months ago, that my life would become so pinpointed in this direction.”
Keith Hargrave, Recognized Instructor, Athens GA, December 2015
“In April of 2013, I shook your hand and thanked you for an amazing learning experience in your Baltimore 3 Day Intensive. Two years later I am still using your handouts and book, my notes and the videos to refine my fundamentals and expand my game. The amount of information you packed into 3 days truly provides the foundation for years of practice and improvement. Your class was worth every penny and is still paying me dividends. I have progressed from a below average league player to someone who can challenge the best players. More significant however, pool is really fun again, both in the practice room and in competition. So I want to say for the 2nd time, “Thank you very much.”
Gary Augustine, player, Severna Park, MD, September 2015

“My girlfriend and I attended the 3-Day Intensive Pool Clinic. I’ve played for years, she has recently started. It was amazing how the instructors can work with players at all levels. Pool school improved both our playing skills immensely. What a fantastic weekend; giving us time together and helping us each develop in a great game we share. ” ~Chris F.

Chris & Lora, Atlanta clinic February 2017
Jerry Ruehle, RALEIGH CLINIC January 2019- Local APA Player - Playing 35 Years

“Pace is good for all skill levels. Instructors are very approachable and the video analysis is particularly helpful”

student from New Orleans clinic November 2016