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Please note that in maintaining smaller class sizes to facilitate lots of one-on-one time with students, there is limited availability for each clinic. Therefore, Intensives are often booked months prior to start date.  Registration closes 30 days before start date of the clinic, reserve your spot early! 

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Intensive Billiard Clinics, Locations and Contact Information

The Weekend Intensive Pool Clinic runs two full days, Saturday and Sunday, and covers Rock Solid Fundamentals, Controlling the Balls, and Secret Aiming Systems. Additional course materials include workbooks, training products, billiard towel, video analysis, flash drive with copy of your video as well as photos and other helpful resources, certificates, several hours of personalized one-on-one instruction, demonstration, and lifetime follow-up after the clinic- with lifetime access to professional instruction!

The classes are hands-on, taught by proven pool experts. To really improve, you have to spend time at the table, practicing your pool skills and trying what we’re working on. Pool school is not competitive. The clinic is designed to meet the needs of players at ALL SKILLS LEVELS, each working on their own game at their own table.