Price will increase in 2024!
The tuition total is $995 for the complete two days Intensive Pool Clinic package.
$295 deposit holds your spot; the remaining balance is due on the first day of class.

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The Intensive Pool Clinic:

  • Rock Solid Fundamentals
  • Controlling the Balls
  • Secret Aiming Systems of the Pros

Covering two very full days, Saturday – Sunday, pool school is hands-on.

To really improve, you have to spend time at the table, trying what we’re working on.

Pool school is not competitive, it is designed to meet needs of players at ALL SKILL LEVELS.

Each student has their own table for the weekend; receiving personalized instruction to improve YOUR game in a way that works for you.

In addition to instructor demonstration & group discussion, our highly experienced staff provide coaching at your table, ensuring each student gets plenty of one-on-one instruction.

  • Smaller class sizes (typically 8-12) to provide each student a lot of one-on-one.
  • Available spots fill quickly due to smaller class sizes
  • Raise YOUR GAME- register NOW!

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CALL / TEXT:  614-975-8337

Call or email for pool room locations, costs, or to discuss your particular needs or concerns.

The Weekend Intensive is designed for players of ALL skill levels.

“Rock Solid Fundamentals”

Most pool players are stuck at some level because their fundamentals are not strong enough to allow them to progress. The NBA focuses on developing & maintaining a solid foundation of good fundamentals. If you can’t make the cue ball go where you want, advanced knowledge & techniques are of little value.

Once your fundamentals are shaping up…

we’ll focus on “Controlling the Balls”

Understand how and why the balls move the way they do

Learn what makes balls go in pockets, why we miss, and what to do about it

Learn how to predict the path of the cue ball after it hits an object ball

Learn how to play better position, practice effectively, and get smarter at the table

then move to “Secret Aiming Systems of the Pros”

positively transform the way you see the game, ball pocketing will no longer be an issue, putting it all together, giving you an improved, stronger game – permanently.

Most players come out of the Weekend Intensive with enough to work on to make progress on their own for several years.

Become an Instructor
There is an enormous need for good instructors, and it’s very gratifying to see players improve. Teaching also raises your own game. All PBIA & ACS Instructor credentials are available through this school, at all locations. The NBA has certified hundreds of instructors. Call or email for details.

How to Become a Better Pool Player
An ARTICLE by Tom.

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