Our 3-Day Weekend Intensive pool school is comprised of three powerful one-day, small-group clinics:

  1. Rock Solid Fundamentals
  2. Controlling the Balls
  3. Secret Aiming Systems of the Pros

The 3-Day Weekend Intensives include all three full-day clinics and run Saturday, Sunday, Monday. The pool school classes are hands-on. To really improve, you have to spend time at the table, trying what we’re working on. Pool school is not competitive. There will be pool players at various skill levels, each working on their own game at their own table. Several additional highly experienced instructors will be on hand to help at the tables.

Click BROCHURE to read the clinic descriptions. Please note that these Intensives are generally booked up 30 to 60 days in advance, as we can only work with about 200 players per year. Attend pool school with a friend, and you each get a $200 discount.

For current pool school schedules & pricing, email CLASSES@POOLCLINICS.com or phone 614-975-8337.

Call or email for current dates, costs, possible near-term openings, or to discuss your particular needs or concerns. If you’re interested in booking an Intensive in a city not listed above, contact me for details. We’ll typically need at least 6 players.

Private pool sessions with Tom are sometimes available through special arrangement, mostly in the Roanoke VA area.

We recommend that players at every level take the 3-Day Intensive. Day 1 is “Rock Solid Fundamentals.” Most pool players are stuck at some level because their fundamentals are not strong enough to allow them to progress. I am a maniac about developing & maintaining a solid foundation of good fundamentals. Advanced knowledge is of little value without this base. If you can’t make the cueball go where you want, advanced knowledge & techniques are of little value. Once your fundamentals are shaping up, “Controlling the Balls” (Day 2) is the next logical step. After that, “Secret Aiming Systems of the Pros” (Day 3) helps you put it all together into a stronger game – permanently. Most players come out of the 3-Day Intensive with enough to work on to make progress on their own for several years. View the BROCHURE.

Tom at Pool School
Tom at the lecture/demo table

Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson

Analyzing student stroke videos
Analyzing student stroke videos

The “A” Team: Master Instructors Mark Finkelstein, Tom Simpson, Mark Powell
The “A” Team: Master Instructors Mark Finkelstein, Tom Simpson, Mark Powell

National Billiard Academy, Columbus OH location

National Billiard Academy, Columbus OH location:
It’s an easy travel destination. We’re 10 minutes from the airport, with convenient Interstate access. Special rates at nearby hotels. Clinics and pool school runs from approximately 9:00 to 5:30 each day, ending a bit earlier on the third day. DIRECTIONS, MAP, HOTELS

Nice training environment. Eight 9′ tables, many “barbox” tables. Video feedback for each player. Good food.

Note: The Intensive is the same at all locations. Tom is always the lead instructor. You’ll get the same class wherever you attend.

Pool School at the National Billiard Academy, Columbus, Ohio. Get better, privately.

How to Book Your Classes

Dates for the Pool School Intensives are usually set 4-6 months in advance. Phone or email to get the current schedule & pricing. Register for the city/dates you want or request to be notified when the city or dates you’re requesting are scheduled.

Weekend Intensives in your city?
We occasionally offer the 3-Day Weekend Intensives in cities other than those listed above. Phone or email for more details, to get on the notification list, or to talk about arranging a Weekend Intensive near where you live.

Become an Instructor
There is an enormous need for good instructors, and it’s very gratifying to see players improve. Teaching also raises your own game. All PBIA & ACS Instructor credentials are available through this school, at all locations. Tom has certified over 175 instructors. Call or email for details.

How to Become a Better Pool Player
An ARTICLE by Tom.